Tips for Balancing Work and Family Time

When your home based business gets off the ground and you get that first taste of success, it’s addictive. You’ll find yourself turning into a workaholic because you want more of that sweet success. At this point, most home business entrepreneurs suddenly have a totally different challenge to face – balancing time between work and family.

Your family needs you just as much and probably more than your home business does. Here are some tips for striking the right balance.

Establish Work Time and Family Time

To balance work and family, you need boundaries between the two. Create a set work schedule and stick to it. Only work during that time, and this includes routine maintenance and communications such as email. Outside of that working time, don’t go anywhere near your computer unless it’s to post pictures of the kids on Facebook. Creating a routine like this helps your family know what to expect.

Be Flexible

Although you’ve got a work schedule planned out, be flexible. There will always be times when you’ll need to ditch your schedule in order to take care of family business. Just don’t let distractions rule your day; they should be the exception rather than the norm. When you have a family emergency or a kid that really needs you, allow yourself to set aside your work and make it up later.

Put Together a Support Network

Gather a support network around you that can help when there are emergencies and surprises. This should include family, friends, neighbors and others who can help on the home front, as well as colleagues and assistants who can lend a helping hand when work needs to get done. You’ll need the help of these folks when you’re feeling stressed and frazzled as well.

Me Time

In addition to your work time and family time, make sure you’ve got some free time alone, even if it’s just an hour at the end of each hectic day. When you’re balancing work and family, you’re burning the candle at both ends. You need this ‘me time’ to help you decompress and avoid getting burnt out.

Get Outside and Move

Studies have shown time and time again that exercise and fresh air help you deal with stress and keep you more alert. Whether alone or with the family, make sure that you’re getting outside and doing something physical. Don’t neglect it because you’re trying to squeeze in one last half-hour of work. When you take time out to be active, your working time is more productive and your family time is more enjoyable.

Learn to Let Go

Finally, the most important tip of all is to learn to let go sometimes. Things will not always go as planned. Take time off when you really need to and never feel guilty because you can’t give your full attention to everyone and everything. Balancing work and family often feels like two full-time jobs. Don’t push yourself when you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown!