Does Pricing Mindset Really Matter? by Emma Hague

For a long time I poo-pooed all the talk that flies around about ‘mindset’ when I was building my first business.

I am a practical, logical, no BS, not-even-particularly-emotional kind of girl (I’m an accountant by profession for crying out loud).

Quite frankly, I found that ‘guff’ about talking yourself rich embarrassing.

‘Just show me what to do and how to do it’ has been my mantra since school. And I’ve generally been fairly successful at whatever I’ve put my mind to.

The problem was that because I was so dismissive of any information around ‘mindset’ or ‘mission’ or ‘creating a new paradigm’ (got to love Americans) I didn’t take any steps at all to find out anything about this vital ‘piece’.

Until about 12 months ago that is – and that’s when everything started to change for me. That’s when I began my own Money Breakthrough.

When I finally opened my mind (and ears) and started to read about, hear about and learn about all the internal things that are actually happening to us as women, I began to realise exactly what had been holding me back in my own business for so long.

You see, I have taken just about every course there is on marketing and client attraction – direct mail, facebook ads, Google Ads, email campaigns, ezines, webinars, teleseminars, telesummits…I could go on and on. And I’m pretty good at all of them – because I’ve implemented what I’ve learned.

I haven’t had too much trouble attracting clients and have helped others do the same. But there’s a difference between having lots of clients and creating lots of money.

Like many business women I am constantly learning, constantly wanting to find that magic ‘thing’ that will suddenly make all the hard work pay off.

So I couldn’t understand why, with all this technical knowledge, I still wasn’t getting the results I really wanted. What more was there to learn?!

And then I finally started to address what was going in my head – and let me tell you, I never…NEVER…thought I would be writing those words!

As a woman who has worked most of my adult life in male dominated working environments (and being a bit of a tom-boy), I just could not see that this piece of the jigsaw even existed – let alone that I was missing it.

It turns out this is INCREDIBLY common for women. We take so many more courses than men do, we implement better than men do, take time over getting the how-to’s ‘just right’…

But we still see fewer rewards than men do. We attract fewer clients, convert fewer leads and make less money in general than men do. Fact.

So I started to learn why…and not only has everything become clear to me, my results have sky-rocketed.

I’ve been able to seriously start paying down old debts (and save money at the same time), budget PROPERLY and create money goals that I am actually acheiving every fortnight.

It’s all to do with getting a grip on our own relationship with money (and for me, a big part of that was pricing), with the emotions we feel when we’re talking about money, asking for money, considering what to do about money…and as we all know, like it or not, emotions pretty much rule our lives as women.

Even mine!

Focus on what your own issues are around money – WHY do you feel bad increasing your fees? WHY do you feel guilty charging people who need your help? WHO is it you’re worried about upsetting? HINT: It’s often to do with the money story you grew up with.

My goal setting has never been clearer or more detailed and I’m breaking the habits that have been sabotaging me for so long.

In fact this has been such a game changer for me that I have incorporated what I’ve learnt and implemented into my own trainings.

How you do money really IS how you do everything.

We cover all this and much more in our Package And Price To Sell Workshop – and we’d love to have you join us!

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